The one of “The Black Dahlia”

People we admire. People we study. People we believe make magic because they make us feel like kids, again.

I remember when I was a kid and I watched E.T. for the first time. One of these moments that will get stuck in my memory. That magic, that feeling of being part of something bigger that ourselves. That way of sharing stories.

Movies are a great mystery.

As a friend of mine said, every day “We are all surrounded in a vast ocean of stories that almost no one sees”, but when that happens… when some one sees it, focus on it and share it making it bigger for us to feel every single detail on the story… that is magic.

We all share stories in a different way. Even when we are in a group of friends and we experience something together we all have a different view of the situation, our minds focus on different things and we all feel it in a very different way. And that is the beauty of it. Going to the movies doesn’t only give you a strait forward view of anything, it gives you a story for you to embrace it, to make it your own, to experience it, live it, feel it and understand it in your own way.

Vilmos Zsigmond.

A little tribute to one of the greatest cinematographers of all times that passed the way in 2016. He was one of “the Third Kind” leaving more that anything, magic out of the screen. It will be a “Long Goodbye” that will last forever in the stories that he shared through the light.

A light painter that “Hunted us” within his eyes and left behind all those timeless moments that will never be forgotten.

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